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Workforce Development

Tomorrow's Workforce, Today

The state of manufacturing is reaching a critical point in the United States. For decades now, manufacturing has been leaving the U.S. in search of lower labor rates in other parts of the world. It is clear that the U.S. cannot compete in manufacturing by working cheaper or harder.

The U.S. can only compete in the manufacturing arena by working smarter. In order to successfully compete in the world market for manufacturing and reverse the current trend, we need to rethink our manufacturing approach and execution and create a new model of manufacturing.

At CAMID we prepare and develop our local workforce through hands-on workshops and certifications that allow them to become more competitive in the manufacturing arena.


CAMID teaches parametric modeling and computer-aided design in a growing list of workshops. These skills are very useful in many phases of manufacturing and are in high demand by employers.


Our programming classes teach how to program microcontrollers and computers to do many different things. Whether you will be programming in Arduino, Python or any number of languages, CAMID is there for you with a fun project.


CAMID teaches workshops on composites and fabrication. We offer sessions on welding, plasma cutting and CNC machining to name a few. Our instructors will turn you into a safe, productive fabricator in no time.


We offer many different trainings that feature additive manufacturing as well as electronic manufacturing. We educate using our assortment of specialized 3D printers and interesting circuits.


Making things can be exciting and often leads to the development of a product that you can take to market. Our specialty is teaching manufacturing skills, and our workshops on prototyping show that.

Business Development

Learn to navigate intellectual property protection with our highly trained workshop instructors. We also offer sessions on marketing strategies and other useful topics to help you put your business on the map.