3D Printers at CAMID


Bring Your Idea

An idea accelerator and innovation laboratory, Florida Tech’s Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Design (CAMID) in Palm Bay is a place where entrepreneurs, startups and even teams from established industries can design and develop new products. CAMID provides the space, technologies and expertise.

  • Cutting-edge, computer-driven manufacturing equipment
  • Digital-modeling, simulation and visualization technologies
  • Expert assistance and Florida Tech faculty support
  • Project space, lab benches, lockable storage and conference room access
  • And so much more!


Meet the Staff

Juan C. Avendano Arbelaez
Director of CAMID
Jared Campbell
STEM Outreach Manager
Maria Fernanda Sagastume
Community Coordinator & STEM Designer


The Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Design (CAMID) is dedicated to helping your business and entrepreneurial efforts succeed by providing year-round development and support in six key areas:

Access to Florida Tech Faculty and Graduate Students
Advanced technical skills and knowledge can be challenging to find. Florida Tech is home to a wide range of high-demand academic and professional researchers from various fields. A Florida Tech CAMID membership grants access to such expertise, whether a world-renowned faculty member, one of our advanced graduate students or one of our highly trained staff members.
Mentorship Opportunities
Mentors are invaluable resources when starting or growing your business or project. A Florida Tech CAMID membership will provide access to mentors who understand where you are and have the vision to help you navigate the future. Often, having access to someone who has been there before is all that is necessary to take you to the next level.
IP Development, Support and Protection
Today’s marketplace is a very sophisticated landscape. Commercializing intellectual property often requires help from experts in the technology-transfer process. Whether you need help in licensing, patents or some other area of IP, a Florida Tech CAMID membership will provide the access you need.
Company Setup, Launch and Acceleration
Launching new ventures can be a daunting task. Florida Tech is home to leaders who have brought scores of technologies to market. Joining Florida Tech’s CAMID will incubate your business, provide the tools necessary for a successful launch and then provide the expertise to accelerate it.
Florida Tech CAMID workshops are available with every membership. These will provide the skills and knowledge you need in a fun and engaging way. In these hands-on, minds-on workshops, you will learn about ever-evolving topics, such as additive manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, business topics, science, etc.
Business Networks
Florida Tech has a network of business leaders and individuals who are very interested in discovering the next big thing. Innovators often seek the capital to bring their idea to market. A CAMID membership can help bridge that gap by introducing your project to interested parties.


The Fabrication Bay at CAMID allows users to use CNC mills and other types of machine shop tools to manufacture prototypes. The room is equipped with assembly and metalworking tools, including drill presses and saws, and a large roll-up door for larger items. Workbenches are available for users to assemble and manipulate small and large assemblies.


The metal workshop room contains heavy duty equipment aimed to the fabrication of metal parts. The room contains a top-notch water jet cutter, capable of cutting metal parts up to 4 inches thick. There are also plasma cutters, welding machines and working benches to develop projects.

The Automotive Bay at CAMID allows for the exploration of transportation technologies; the room currently houses the world-renowned Formula SAE competition project at Florida Tech. The space will also accommodate an upcoming Funny Car Project by Larsen Motorsports, collaborating with Florida Tech, bringing high-tech research opportunities to students. The room is equipped with a gantry crane, engine hoist, a Miller 212 Millermatic welder and automotive disassembly tools for your project needs.

The robotics room contains several electronic benches, provided with oscilloscopes, soldering stations, multimeters and fume extractors. A variety of 3D printers allow users to print in PLA, ABS, Onyx and even carbon fiber reinforcements. An SLS printer is also available. Two robotics teams have designated space in the room to develop and test their robots.

Euclideon Hologram Table:

1.2-by-1.2-meter screen with an embedded projection system that can project objects to a height and depth of roughly 1 meter.

HTC Vive Pro:

Wired VR headset and controller combo with high-resolution AMOLED screens and 3D spatial sound.

Samsung Odyssey Microsoft Mixed Reality Headset:

Wired VR headset and controller combo with 3K anti-SDE AMOLED display (2880x1600- pixel) and built-in AKG headphones with 360° spatial sound and mic.

Oculus Quest:

Wireless VR headset and controller combo with a diamond Pentile OLED display and embedded speaker.

Artec 3D Spider:

Wired handheld 3D scanner used to scan small- to mediumsized objects

Artec 3D LEO:

Wireless handheld 3D scanner capable of scanning small- to large-sized objects

Faro Focus M:

Tripod-mounted laser 3D scanner capable of scanning room-sized objects

OptiTrack: Industry-leading precision motion capture and 3D-tracking systems for video game design, animation, virtual reality, robotics and movement sciences

Formlabs Fuse 1 (SLS):

Benchtop selective laser sintering 3D printer capable of printing support-free nylon parts with high geometric complexity

Itamsys Funmat HT:

High-temperature 3D printer capable of printing highperformance functional materials like PEEK, ULTEM and PPSU with 50-micron high resolution.

Markforged X7:

Continuous carbon fiber reinforced, flame resistant, chemical resistant, energy absorbent, high resolution, draft parts micron-level laser scanning for closed-loop calibration, reliably yielding parts with 50-micron repeatability

Anycubic, Photon Mono 4K:

This printer can print up to 16.5x13.2x8 centimeters at a time, which gives it a 1.7 L total build volume. The high-resolution ability of this printer brings vivid details to your 3D models with extremely sharp and clear edges and corners.

3D Printer Farm:

CAMID has an Ender 3-pro print farm installed in our STEM room, which is capable of printing multiple models at once. Each Crealty Ender 3-Pro offers a build volume of 220x220x250 millimeters, a magnetic bed and a tight filament pathway that makes it easier to work with flexible materials.


The MethodX printer uses thermal regulation to evenly heat and control the print environment leading to parts that are twice as strong on the z-axis and more accurate than most 3D printers. Our MethodX printer uses onyx filament and carbon fiber filaments and has dual performance extruders for well produced prints.

The CAMID Podcast and Video Studio includes a RodeCaster Pro mixing board with Bluetooth connectivity for creating podcasts. The podcast studio features condenser microphones and a sound effects board for producing professional sounding podcasts without Click here to listen a huge learning curve. The RodeCaster Pro mixing console is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can also record guests via a cellphone without trouble. The video studio boasts a large green screen and lighting to help capture the shots you need.

Our Palm Bay Lounge provides a colorful networking space for your next meeting. It also includes large wall-mounted touchscreen computers and monitors for displaying videos, presentations and other information.

The CAMID conference rooms are equipped with large tables, comfortable chairs, video conferencing equipment, computers and whiteboards. Our conference rooms can hold 15–30 people and include coffee machines and a fun popcorn maker to help keep your creative ideas flowing.

The large event space at CAMID can hold events of up to 115 people. It is equipped with networked video screens, an audio system, wireless handheld and lavalier microphones, plenty of tables and chairs, and a podium that has been manufactured out of airplane parts.

The Tinker Shed includes a few specialty 3D printers and electronic workbenches for creating your next project. Some of the specialty 3D printers include a chocolate printer as well as a pancake printer. Who ever said that tinkering couldn’t be delicious!?